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Who do you want in your cupboard?

Who can you depend on, in work or in your life?

I received a lovely testimonial recently from a
client, the Lord Mayor of Liverpool. This wonderful
lady has a way with words, and she ended
her call by saying to my Operations Manager
that, “everyone should have a Dawn in their

It got me thinking…who would you want in your
cupboard? Do you have someone in your life that
you can rely on, who is always there to help you
find the answers when you’re feeling a little lost?

A quick sweep in the office found that nearly
everyone has at least one person they’d want to
keep in their metaphorical cupboard, the majority
of which are loved ones at home.

But like the old question of “Who Would You Invite
to A Dinner Party” *, I’d like to know – if there were
no limits to your choice – who would you want in
your “work” cupboard?

Would you go for someone with a nononsense approach from whom you could expect a stern talking to if your standards started to slip, like Gordon Ramsey? Or would you prefer your cupboard dweller to applaud each step of your day, cheering you on with an abundance of enthusiasm, aka Joe Wicks?

I think the ideal inhabitant of my figurative
locker would be someone who understands
business on a deeply personal level and isn’t
afraid of hard work. Someone who could offer
a pragmatic approach whilst simultaneously acting as a role model and champion for
women in the workplace. Someone like Karren

Baroness Brady, who became Managing
Director of Birmingham City Football Club at
the age of 23, can often be found on Most
Successful and Top 50 Inspirational People
lists, and there is no doubt regarding how
deserved her place there is, such is her level of

So why did my client choose me for her
metaphorical cupboard? Like Baroness Brady, I
take the pragmatic approach. I do my utmost to
get to know my clients and their needs. I assess
their strengths, and in doing so, plan how I can help
them grow and evolve. I help my clients find their
answers and I thrive off their success and growth;
this is the very reason I founded Liiift

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Dawn Tolcher