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What To Expect From A Free HR Audit

Why using our Free HR Audit service can save you even more money in the long run.

HR can often be time consuming and complex
for business owners without the right tools. When
things do go wrong, you can be left wondering
what I could have done to prevent the issues
arising in the first place.

That’s exactly why we offer a free HR audit.
We do understand that for some, the word
“audit” can strike fear into them. Visions of an
official inspection carried out by an independent
body, scrutinising each and every way you run
your business, looking to single out any errors or

Not Liiift.

At Liiift, we believe that a HR audit can act as a
preventative measure to prevent you requiring
emergency HR intervention or incurring high
legal costs. We see audits as an opportunity to
recognise what you’re doing right and to build
on those foundations. We use audits to identify
positive changes that you could make which
would benefit your staff and your business, in terms
of development and retention. 

So, what can you expect from a HR Audit?

We will carry out a review of policies and procedures you have in place, ensuring that they are both legally compliant and operating with best practice.

We will look at your staff contracts and check everything is in order to prevent future challenge. 

We will evaluate your performance management
system, or if you don’t have one in place, we will
make recommendations.

 We can advise on staffing costs and budgets, as
well as training options for developing your staff. 

And the best thing? Our initial audit is carried out
completely free of charge, with no obligation to
instruct Liiift to implement any recommended
changes to be made. 

 Liiift will never attend your business and just tell
you what to do. We immerse ourselves and get to
know you; we invest our time and focus, and by the
end of the audit, we hope to innovate you and your

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Dawn Tolcher