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The Truth About Apprenticeships

We look at how apprenticeships are the ideal way to upskill
your workforce without breaking the bank.

If you hear the word apprenticeship, what’s the first thing you think of? Perhaps it’s a freshfaced school leaver, lacking in academic aptitude, on a hunt for a tin of elbow grease? Or maybe its a low-skilled worker acting as a gofer for your trained and established staff whilst costing you time and money?

These associations could not be further from the truth, and such outdated views are preventing businesses from upskilling their workforce.

At Liiift, we are working to remove the stigma surrounding apprenticeships and helping businesses see the benefits they can bring to their organisations.

So what is an apprenticeship? An apprenticeship is a formal qualification which provides on-the-job training for your apprentice, which is relevant to the job they’re in and is shaped to maximise the input on your business.

The statistics around apprenticeships speak for themselves: 66%* of businesses with apprenticeships reported experiencing improved staff morale, and 70%** of employers have seen improvements in the goods and services they offer.

Furthermore, a whopping 86%*** of employers said apprenticeships helped them develop skills relevant to their organisation. Apprenticeships are also open to all of your employees: there is no age limit.

So what’s the cost to you? If you’re a SME, the cost could be as little as 5% of the apprenticeship, with 95% paid for by the government. However, thanks to the Apprenticeship Levy, you could actually pay zero towards the apprenticeship, as big businesses who have a wage bill of over £3million and are therefore obligated to pay into the Levy are able to transfer some of their levy funds to SME’s.

Liiift are able to help businesses find the right apprenticeship provider and access the funding for apprenticeships, as well as help to match your organisation with a levy-paying business who could help pay the rest of the costs, leaving your business to upskill its workforce and reap the benefits. Get in touch today!

Dawn Tolcher