Sean and Dawn
The People of Liiift
There are two segments of people who make Liiift so successful. Our experts and our clients.
Sean O’Neill and Dawn Tolcher make up our leadership team and they are the ones who deliver most of our work. But they'll be the first to state that the key to any success Liiift has is because of the people they work with, and for - the clients. It's a mutually beneficial relationship. Liiift performs which empowers our clients to perform.

The Experts

Sean O’Neill, entrepreneur, business coach and mentor.

Sean O’Neill

Sean has been successful, he is successful and he will be successful. But what's changed is how he achieves success. And, more importantly how he enables others to achieve success too. And, at Liiift, he passes on this learning to those he works with.

Whether it's through investment, guidance, mentoring, advising, teaching, collaborating or partnering he is a man who people can trust. Individuals, businesses, community schools and organisations can meet Sean and he can add value.

Honesty. Humble.

Celebrator of achievement. Overcomer of challenges. Breaker of boundaries. Destroyer of barriers. Proud. Passionate. Collaborative. A constant desire to learn. Opportunistic. Brave. Risk taking. Agile. Intelligent.

Successful. Happy.
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Dawn Tolcher, founder of Liiift in Liverpool, Merseyside.

Dawn Tolcher

Dawn has a huge amount of experience working with businesses. She has worked with successful companies in taking them to the next level and she has transformed struggling businesses to improve their performances. And the key aspect at the heart of her strategies? People.

That's why Dawn founded Liiift.

Understanding people. Motivating people. Activating people. Improving people. Empowering people. Because by focusing on people Dawn evolves companies. For the better. Always.

Pragmatic. Real world. Focused.

Friendly. Approachable. Talented. Experienced. Proud. Empathetic. Aspirational. Inspirational.

Achieving. For clients.
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