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Offering Employment to Ex-Offenders

Who benefits when former prisoners are offered work?  

There can be a stigma regarding employing
ex-offenders, but I personally have had great
success with employing ex-offenders through
their skills and attitudes. I assess all applicants
based on their capabilities and experience, on
what they can bring to a role and their drive to
succeed in it. And given the current job market,
where the unemployment rate is at its lowest in
50 years, it is important now more than ever to
practice inclusive recruitment.

It appears that the Government agrees, as a
recent innovative change in law means that
prisoners at the end of their sentence, or those
serving their sentence in an open prison, are now
able to study for apprenticeships with on-the-job

This change means that the prisoners are being
offered a chance of personal and professional
development, leading to the opportunity of earning
an honest living with a recognised qualification
under their belt. It also means that businesses who
can support them are opening themselves up to
investing in an individual who may not otherwise
have the opportunity to secure employment post-sentence and develop talent as a result.

John Timpson (Timpsons) is renowned for offering
employment to former prisoners, saying, “We tend
to get better people from prison than from outside.
They’re so motivated and show their gratitude.”
* With 10% of Timpson’s staff come directly from
prison, Timpson is aware of the difference offering
employment can make to the individual, as well

as to society, stating, “61% of people leaving prison
reoffend in two years. If they have a job it drops to
19%”. **

Businesses looking to recruit should not be put-off by hiring ex-offenders; if they use their usual
recruitment process to understand the individual’s
knowledge and skills, then the benefits to the
business, the prospective employee and society
could be massive.

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Dawn Tolcher