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National Apprenticeship Week

How apprenticeships can help businesses to nurture their own talent

We’ve spoken previously about the benefits of
hiring apprentices and so we thought there was
no better time than now, as the UK celebrates
National Apprenticeship Week 2023, to remind
you again exactly why you should do it.

For those who don’t know, an apprenticeship is a formal qualification which provides on-the-job training for your apprentice, which is relevant to the job they’re in and is shaped to maximise the input on your business. What’s more, apprenticeships are available to anyone aged over 16, as long as they are eligible to work in the UK and not in full-time education. 

An Apprenticeship gives the apprentice a clear career path and provides them with a wage whilst they’re training and learning. And for the employers? By taking on apprentices, businesses are able to train and develop an employee, and, as CIPD says*, “nurture their own talent”.


One of Liiift’s own employees, Dexter, is currently on
an apprenticeship, and he was happy to share his
thoughts on what he feels the apprenticeship has
given to him so far. “My apprenticeship has given
me the opportunity to develop skills outside of the
workplace without having to follow a traditional
route in education. Once I’ve finished and received
my qualification, not only will I have the knowledge
and skills to succeed in software development, but
I will have also gained valuable life skills, thanks to
the support provided by my employer” 

If you’d like to talk more about apprenticeships then contact the Liiift team today. We can work with you to ensure you access the correct funding and provider and work with you on recruitment, training, and development.

Dawn Tolcher