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Is Your Business a Good Place to Work?

What do employees think contributes to a good workplace?

A “good workplace” makes everyone more productive. But what’s the general consensus across the UK?

Recent research carried out by Ciphr* showed that 85% of respondents, from a poll of 1,006 employees, could list at least three advantages of working with their employer, with working alongside “friendly people” coming out as the number one factor contributing to a good workplace. Other reasons to be positive about a workplace included having a supportive manager (chosen by 27% respondents) and job security (34% of respondents).

In a time where employers are facing challenges in terms of recruitment and retention, it’s important to consider what can attract talent to an organisation. It’s also a great time for employers to build on the reasons employees have given to make their workplace an even more positive place to be. Being a good place to work benefits the whole team, boosting productivity, increasing job retention and attracting talent.


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Dawn Tolcher