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The Benefits of Youth Employment

As we celebrate World Youth Skills Day, we look at how employing young
people can have a positive impact on your organisation.

In our last two articles, we looked at Bradley and Dexter, young employees at Liiift who are excelling in their roles.

But employing young people isn’t just something I have decided to do at Liiift. I’ve encountered some truly great young people throughout my career and learnt many lessons.

Rob is one such example, and he was happy to share his thoughts on his own experience. He says, “I firmly believe that if you have the passion and drive to succeed in a certain field, then you’ll get to where you need to be as long as you have the right guidance and support in place. I had that support with Dawn – she encouraged and coached me and always acted with my best interests at heart. She really knows how to get the best out of you. Thanks to being given that first opportunity, I felt my life was given direction and purpose and I was able to “fast-track” my career in the field I had dreamed about working in”.

I first met Rob when he was just 17. Rob saw a short media course advertised through the Community provision at Tranmere Rovers Football Club and having studied media in college, decided to attend.

Throughout his attendance, I was impressed with his thirst for learning and his eagerness to do well. When his course had finished, I secured government funding for a work placement. When a permanent position came up at the Club, for a role that Rob would have previously thought was out of his reach, he felt confident enough in his ability to apply and his hard work and determination was rewarded when his application was successful. He has continued to thrive and secure promotion. He is now the Content and Social Media Manager.

Offering young people opportunities to work pays off – for your business and the young person.  If you’re a business who would like to discuss recruitment and development methods to attract and retain the right staff, then contact Liiift today.

Dawn Tolcher