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Employee Engagement

Did you know that employees who feel supported by their line manager are 3.4
times more likely to feel engaged at work?

Anyone in a position of management should want
to get the best out of their team. A happy and
supported team will thrive and deliver results,
and as the statistic above shows, in which 50,000
people were surveyed, the level of support they
have has a direct impact on their engagement in
the work place

So, what should businesses do to encourage such
high levels of engagement?

I would recommend investing in line manager
training. No two employees are the same, but
a good manager should be able to adapt their
approach to ensure their employees feel equally
respected, supported and able to speak up, and
this is something that can be achieved through
training. By equipping your management with the
skills to engage their team, your whole organisation
will benefit as a result.

Management training and employee engagement training are services offered by Liiift, and we’ve seen organisations go from strength to strength after using these services. One such organisation is Persimmon Homes, where I carried out an Employee Training session. Kieren Hanlon, Group Procurement Director said of the training, “The work carried out by Dawn was invaluable, helping me to understand about the type of manager I wanted to be to best support my team and ultimately the business. I left the training with increased confidence in my managerial skills and with the knowledge that I can lead my team with the utmost professionalism. I thoroughly recommend Dawn to any company looking to engage and develop their staff and I cannot thank her enough for the work she carried out for us.”

If you’d like to develop your managers to enable them to get the best out of their teams, contact us today to arrange your Free HR audit.


Dawn Tolcher