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Our coaching sessions are delivered by Dawn Tolcher who is a qualified Business Coach and NLP Practitioner

Dawn Tolcher

The coach is not a problem solver, a teacher, an adviser, an instructor or even an expert; he or she is a sounding board, facilitator.... who raises awareness and responsibility

Dawn is an established coach, working with many clients to support their development. As a firm believer of the notion that “You cannot develop people, you must allow people to develop themselves”, she is known for “digging deep” with her coachees, getting under their skin and often uncovering hurdles that the coachee had not even anticipated were acting as barriers to their development. And she doesn’t stop there: she helps them jump those hurdles and discover their potential, both personally and professionally.


What can you expect from coaching with Dawn?


  • Coaching sessions delivered by a pragmatic and action-focused Qualified Business Coach
  • To figure out your goals and how to achieve them
  • A non-judgemental approach
  • Complete confidentiality with no topic off limits



If you’d like to discuss how coaching may work for you or your employees, we offer a free and confidential 30-minute exploratory session with Dawn, so please get in touch today. 

Coaching Testimonials

“I was referred for coaching by my manager who had noticed that I hadn’t been myself. In truth, I was unsure of my future at that time. I didn’t really know what I was going to achieve from coaching, however that all changed as soon as I had my very first session with Dawn. I left the session knowing that she was going to help me set the goals I needed to determine my future.

Dawn as a coach was exceptional. I knew that my sessions were completely confidential, and I felt able to discuss topics that I wouldn’t normally feel comfortable talking about. She listened to everything I had to say, and she didn’t give me the answers to issues – she helped me figure out the answers myself, giving me a clear path with attainable objectives. She is so approachable and relatable too.

Dawn’s coaching sessions have helped me greatly on both a personal and professional basis. I can’t thank her enough for what coaching has given me. I thoroughly recommend coaching with Dawn – in fact, I have already referred new clients to her!”

– Branch Manager at a local Property Business