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The Benefits of Youth Employment

As we celebrate World Youth Skills Day, we look at how employing young
people can have a positive impact on your organisation.

Research carried by Gartner* in March 2022 has
suggested that of the 3,300 employees surveyed,
less than a third knew how to progress in their
current career over the next five years. So, what
can you do to help your employees get the
progression they want in your business, instead
of them leaving to develop elsewhere? 

Vitorio Bretas, director in the Gartner HR practice,
states “facilitating employee career growth is
critical for retention,” and I couldn’t agree more.
However, it is telling that 41% of those surveyed by
Gartner stated that they did not feel comfortable
sharing any concerns at work with their managers.
How then, do we bridge the gap between
employee and employers so that employees feel
able to discuss their professional development
with you?

One key method of identifying a want and need for growth and development amongst your employees is through performance management. Effective performance management helps to establish objectives for your employees, ensuring the employee is aware of their place in the organisation. It also leads to improved performance and accountability, as it encourages open dialogue between managers and their individual team members, giving employees the confidence to speak to their managers. This can highlight areas for improvement or development. What’s more, it allows managers to identify future talent, develop that talent and retain them. 

If you’d like to put an effective performance management in place but don’t know where to start, then contact Liiift today to arrange your free HR Audit.


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Dawn Tolcher